Created Equal?

August 8, 2012 — Leave a comment

“All men are created equal?” Seriously, for all the running this “equality” flag up the pole, let’s stop and remember that there are hordes of people who were born into abject poverty while others are born into extreme riches. Do these two groups have “equal” chances in life? Others have innate athletic skills or gifts of intelligence above the rest; still others are mechanical, builders, dreamers, inventors. I was standing behind the door when those skills were distributed. Some have amazing people skills, networking and drawing divergent groups together. Examples of the differences that make us NOT the same could be multiplied. Obviously, we are not “equal” in this sense. What we start with isn’t the same. What we end with isn’t the same. We aren’t guaranteed “equal” amounts of time on the planet. The only way that we are “equal” is that we are all image-bearers. We are stamped with the “imago dei” – the image of God. Even though it’s broken from sin and yes we are all “equally” born in sin, let’s remember that every man and every woman deserves to be “equally” treated with dignity and respect.Image

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