Thoughts for “Grace Preachers”

May 9, 2014 — 1 Comment

Disparaging remarks about the Law of God are an ignorant indictment against the holy God who gave the Law. These kinds of misinformed pronouncements among current “Grace preachers” will never produce a love for or an understanding of GRACE.

What’s the problem with all this “antinomian” talk?


1)  It only produces “law haters” which live LAWLESS lives.


2)  It demonstrates a simple misunderstanding of the problem which is LEGALISM – the improper use of the Law and not the Law itself.


3)  This is a classic overreaction to a problem.  An attempt to correct an imbalance often creates an extreme imbalance on the other end of the spectrum.  An overreaction to a problem many times creates an even worse problem.


Just a final thought – If you don’t understand that now, you will experience it in a few years in the lawless culture you’re producing in your churches – which will probably produce another overreaction.  


One response to Thoughts for “Grace Preachers”


    I spent quite a bit of time being mentored by a “Grace Preacher” and your points are exactly what I experienced. In my opinion, another word for someone who is obsessed with living a life of grace (devoid of lawful accountability) is “rebellious”. What I saw in the “Grace Preacher” that I knew was not a blissful tolerance of other Christians’ views and actions because they are free from the Law. Rather, he expressed intolerance of those who wanted to live by the Law and who did not agree with the same things that he did. What he did not see was that his misunderstood view of living under grace should have precluded him from judging others’ viewpoints on various topics (only someone who believes in right and wrong can pass judgment). Instead, I cannot think of another person who was more judgmental than him–not very graceful in my opinion.

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