You Might be a Cessationist if . . .

November 13, 2013 — 1 Comment

angry_preacher1 1) You define the Trinity as: Father, Son and Holy Bible

2) You insist on Sola Scriptura, but then can’t prove your cessationism from scripture.

3) You immediately judge anyone who has an unexplainable experience different than yours as being “of the   devil.”

4) You understand that “LET EVERYTHING BE DONE decently and in order” is code in your church, for “we don’t do that around here.” Interesting how all the great exegetes miss the “let everything be done” part – everything he’s talking about for the last 3 chapters of 1 Corinthians (12-14).

5) You make fun of anyone who uses the word “miracle”

6) You insist on evidence of the “supernatural” but then quickly explain it away, because your system demands it.

7) Discounting other people’s experiences and polemical policing of everyone’s theology makes up much of your Christian experience.

8) You think wrong theology is a greater sin than theological arrogance.  Funny thing – wrong theology never makes any of the lists of things that God hates – selah!

9) You forget your reformed understanding of election and make your position on the Holy Spirit a condition of everyone else’s salvation. If they don’t agree with your position on cessationism, *then they get Hell fire! * This one has only been seen lately in the Strange Fire conference.

One response to You Might be a Cessationist if . . .


    Wow. Absolutely wonderful.

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