10 Things I’ve Learned about TRUST

February 15, 2011 — 1 Comment

1)  The Kingdom of God is NOT built on LOVE; it’s built on TRUST.

2)  God commands me to LOVE  everyone;  He commands only my  TRUST in Him

3)  If I TRUST you, it means you have EARNED it; that also means you can lose TRUST and then it must be rebuilt.

4)  Receiving FORGIVENESS and restoring TRUST are 2 different, separate and unequal things.

5)  If I have offended you, I can receive FORGIVENESS (love) immediately; but, it will take time to rebuild the TRUST.  (The larger the offense, the

the more time it will take to rebuild.)

6)  I LOVE a lot of people that I don’t TRUST as far as I could throw them, because they are not TRUSTWORTHY.

7)  Relationships are more often destroyed for a lack of TRUST than a lack of love.

8)  Marriages end all the time with two people who still love each other; they end because they no longer TRUST each other.

9)  TRUST is an investment – a stewardship.  It must be protected, safeguarded.  I must make more deposits than withdrawals in order to not be

NSF in the relationship.

10)  Realizing my full potential as a LEADER (pastor, husband, father, business owner) means I understand how TRUST works. I make decisions             everyday that will either cause me to GAIN or LOSE TRUST.  A lifetime of building TRUST can be lost in a moment of stupidity.  God don’t let                  us be stupid!

One response to 10 Things I’ve Learned about TRUST


    I enjoy reading your passages and they hit home to me. Thank you so much.

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