LAW Haters Gonna HATE!

January 29, 2013 — Leave a comment

Jesus Christ is the fulfillment of EVERY old covenant promise.  Through Him, we look back and SEE HIM in type and shadow all over that same old covenant.  The Tabernacle of Moses was the old covenant “place” where God said, “I will dwell among you!”  Now fulfilled in Jesus Christ, we don’t re-build the natural one and require people to visit it.  BUT, we certainly look and see (using it as a tool to teach) the nature and ministry of Jesus Christ in the FINISHED WORK at the Cross.  Every piece of furniture reveals something different.

The same can be said for the specific SACRIFICES – all now fulfilled in the sacrificial lamb of Jesus Christ.  Still, we can use them to teach intricate aspects of that now complete, FINISHED sacrifice.  

The same can be said for the GARMENTS of the HIGH PRIEST.  Again, we don’t require this “dress code” for ministry, because there is only one high priest – Jesus Christ – who has passed into the heavens.  

Neither do we require the observance of the Feasts of the Lord – 7 in all, in 3 major seasons.  All reveal a beautiful picture of Jesus.  Now, nobody disagrees so far.  But, somewhere there is a disconnect when it comes to the LAW of God, which was the instrument that carried and REVEALED EVERYTHING I JUST LISTED:  the blueprint for the Tabernacle, the specifics of the sacrifices, the pattern for the garments, the specifics of the Feasts.

Radical GRACE folk make the LAW the enemy and it is not and never was.  Remember, the LAW was never a means of salvation.  It was given to a people who had ALREADY been delivered (saved) from Pharaoh and Egypt by the blood, water and spirit and given to a people who were ALREADY in covenant with God.  Never a means of salvation, it was a guide for “progressive sanctification” to show the people HOW TO LIVE in the LAND they were about to possess.  Because some HATE the LAW, they are producing a generation of LAW HATERS.  You are despising your TOOL of DOMINION.  

Don’t forget – everything you need is inside the ARK – the Golden pot of manna – PROVISION of God; Aaron’s rod that budded – LEADERSHIP/AUTHORITY and the Tablets of the LAW – your TOOL of DOMINION in the LAND.  Now written in your hearts by the Spirit, rise up and INFLUENCE your world and advance His Kingdom in the earth!   

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