Sunday Night Praize

July 18, 2011 — Leave a comment

Paul includes a section in all of his letters to the churches where he says, “I thank God for . . .” I’m certainly not Paul, but I do have a truckload of blessings for which I am thankful!

1) A restful week at the Gulf Coast. I got up early to sit on the balcony of the
condo, read my Bible and drink coffee while hearing the sound of waves
crashing and looking out over the beach. Dawn and I, Abbey and a friend
enjoyed the sun, sand, and pool along with some great food that we cooked
ourselves and ate at a couple restaurants. We enjoyed amazing weather all
week. I think it rained for about an hour 1 day. So many of my favorite things
are in those few sentences. God’s willingness to give us our hearts desires
always blows me away.

2) The voice of the Lord. I’m thankful for ears to hear. Time in His Word was
rich. Uninterrupted talks with Dawn always blesses me – the woman has a
direct line to heaven. I also read a couple books that greatly impacted me.
Mark Batterson’s “Soul Print” on identity in Christ and Andy Stanley’s “The
Principle of the Path” on direction and life decisions are both fantastic books
that would strengthen anyone’s walk with God.

3) The Victory Vision that just grew and expanded in my heart over this
time of personal rest and reflection. Great things are ahead!

4) Nothing blesses a pastor’s heart more than to know he can leave the church
confidently in the hands of capable people and that there will be a church
there when he gets back. I know you hear me brag on our staff – but listen
folks, they really are a “Dream Team!” Pastor Alex is doing a great job
this month in his series on 1 Peter called “Simon Says . . .”

4) Our praise team. We were absent several front line musicians and those
guys pulled in some others who worked hard to put it together and did a
phenomenal job with the worship, both Sundays. It blessed me to be able to
stand beside my wife on the front row Sunday and just worship with the

5) The growing “servant spirit” in Victory Church. We had a ‘serve deficit’ for our
upcoming VBS, and you stepped forward to carry the ball down the field with
this vision of Pastor Haley’s for our children both in Victory and the
community. It’s going to impact young lives eternally!

6) Everyone who commits to a task and actually follows through. The culture
of this generation is long on “I will” and short on “I did.” People commit to
things sometimes too quickly and then don’t actually show up to do what
they said they’d do. I just want to give a hand (cue applause) to all the
“Doers” we have in Victory. You put on your SERVE shirt and show up
when you don’t feel like it sometimes and smile anyway and do all the things
that make our services and ministries come off without a hitch. Thank you!
Thank you! Thank you! May your tribe only increase.

7) For the love of God that is growing among the people of Victory. We have
something very special here folks. Guard it! There is an atmosphere of
grace in this place. True spiritual family is built on the incarnational principles
of trust and love. We’re regularly seeing new converts come with all the
problems that people have and they’re feeling the love and acceptance and
receiving the necessary grace for God to do a transformational work in their
hearts and lives. Thank you Jesus and thank you people of Victory for living
the message!

Giving Him all the Praise!

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