Rain and Revival!

February 28, 2011 — Leave a comment

26 Behold, God is great, and we know him not;
 the number of his years is unsearchable.
27 For he draws up the drops of water;
 they distill his mist in rain,
28 which the skies pour down
 and drop on mankind abundantly.


Job 36:26-27 (ESV)



Often in Scripture, the visitation of the Lord’s Presence is spoken of in terms of precipitation, rain, dew, moisture or some other kind of refreshing waters.  The verse above is a scriptural reference to what meteorology (study of weather) calls the “evaporation-condensation cycle.”  Water is drawn up, gathered in clouds that move around and drop the water back on the earth.  God is amazing!

Since I believe that nothing in the natural is without a parallel spiritual lesson, I see amazing stuff in this verse and others that talk about the Spirit of the Lord being poured out on peoples and nations.  Life in the Spirit is spoken of in terms of dryness and moisture.   O God, you are my God; earnestly I seek you;
 my soul thirsts for you; 
my flesh faints for you, 
as in a dry and weary land where there is no water. (Psalm 63:1 ESV)

Every day, the believer is afforded the Presence of the Lord in daily time in the Word, worship and prayer.  Spiritually, we could refer to this as what the Bible calls the “dew of the morning” or the “dew of heaven.”  (Deut. 33:13; Isa. 26:19).  Though I am certainly not a legalist about when one chooses to dedicate time to hearing the voice of the Lord through worship and the Word, there is something to be realized in the Exodus 16:21 passage regarding the “manna. . .that melted away when the sun grew hot.”  Regardless of how your work day is shaped (since the industrial revolution and the introduction of electrical lighting in factories – the work day is no longer determined by the rising and setting of the sun) unless you prioritize some time to seek the Lord, when the hot sun of the day’s work demands begins to arise and grasp your attention, the “manna from Heaven” and your taste for it seems to “melt away.”  Get it first before the demands of the day take it away!  The same is true for the “dew of the morning.”  Hosea 6:4 says, “like the morning mist, like the early dew that disappears.”  Get it while you can!  Both of these together show God providing for us the bread (truth) and dew (spirit) from Heaven.  We desperately need both!

I can be overrun with an abundance of the “seed of the Word” and even have it in the ground, but unless there is some “rain from heaven” to water it, it is only dead, dry non-productive knowledge.  Folks should remember that when trying to get a lot of scriptural knowledge.  They need to be seeking equal amounts of spiritual outpouring to water all of that seed!

Now that the analogy is grounded, I’ll cut to the chase.  God establishes truth principles in the scripture in degrees of intensity.  The 3-fold pattern I want you to see here is this:  dew, rains and floods.  We enjoy the daily “dew from heaven.”  We need the regular and seasonal rains that come in times of accelerated spiritual growth. For I will pour water on the thirsty land,
 and streams on the dry ground;
 I will pour my Spirit upon your offspring,
 and my blessing on your descendants. They shall spring up among the grass like
  willows by flowing streams. (Isa. 44:3-4 – ESV) Don’t ever let anyone tell you that the Presence of the Lord isn’t tangible.  Priests couldn’t stand to minister in the Old Testament because the “glory cloud” of the Lord was so great.  They fell down in His Presence.  Everything about the New Testament in Christ is ALWAYS GREATER than anything that was experienced and revealed in the Old Covenant.

Daily we experience the dew; frequently and seasonally we experience heavier rains. Let us know; let us press on to know the Lord; 
his going out is sure as the dawn; 
he will come to us as the showers, 
as the spring rains that water the earth.”   (Hosea 6:3 – ESV) I am certainly thankful for these “times of refreshing that come from the Presence of the Lord” (Acts 3:19-20).  But I have to say that I long for more.  Historically, both in nature and in spiritual outpourings, in every generation there is a significant flood.  Matter of fact, these events are spoken of in terms of  “100-year floods” and “500-year floods.”  They’re separated in terms of intensity and effect.  The first brings significant change, destruction of the old and its washing away.  The second (500 yr. flood) is of epic proportions literally leveling things to the foundation that requires rebuilding of structure in the natural and reconstruction of culture, life, civilization in the spiritual.

We are still enjoying the on-going effects of the last “100 year flood” – the Pentecostal outpouring at the turn of the 20th century.  Historically, it has affected more believers on the planet than any other previous move of the Holy Spirit.  Classical and neo-Pentecostals (charismatics) which include the “spirit-filled” among the multitudes of denominational ranks is the largest segment and the fasting growing in the body of Christ.

I believe that our generation is set on the precipice of seeing the “greatest outpouring of the Spirit of God in the history of man.  We are right at 500 years out from when Martin Luther nailed the “95 Theses” to the Chapel Door at Wittenburg and the first shot of the Reformation was heard around the world.  Clouds are gathering.  The 21st century has given us more than our share of “chicken-little” preachers who continue to herald their “sky is falling” messages.  The sheer stupidity of “dispensationalism” is being exposed and the house of cards is crumbling.  In the midst of “severe weather reports” about the “end-times” God is raising up a new generation of Martin Luthers who can see prophetically what God is about to do and that is “pour out His Spirit on all flesh!” and flood the earth with his Presence so that we can advance His ever-increasing Kingdom!  Get ready – a flood is coming!




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