Sunday Night Praize!

August 23, 2010 — Leave a comment

If you have missed any of Alex’s “It’s All About Me” series, do yourself a favor and listen to the messages at This series concludes next week and is sure to be one to which we regularly refer in the future. Got something you’re struggling with in your life? Bad habit? Sin pattern? This series can help you get complete victory and deliverance.

Thanks Alex for sharing your heart so transparently and the dealings of God that have prepared you to bring this awesome series. This time has also helped me to focus on some writing and making plans and preparation and establishing strategy for taking Victory to the next level this Fall and in 2011. God has some amazing things up His sleeve!

It’s obvious the Holy Spirit is doing a powerful work in so many lives in Victory. But I want to say how thankful I am to see the deep work of repentance going on in so many men’s hearts. Numerous brothers have come to me personally to confess areas and bring them out into the light of God’s grace so they could be dealt with. This is a true mark of revival. Work Holy Spirit!

There has never been a better spirit in Victory than there is right now. More people are coming forward to help serve in multiple areas. Praise God! May your tribe increase. If you’re not serving and want to, let us know – we will hook you up!

It’s so awesome to see our youth ministry growing during this season – we’re totally cranked about what the Lord is doing through Jeremy Soto. He’s a fantastic young guy with a beautiful family. He and Heather have hosted the Sunday service the last two weeks. Victory youth worship team is adding new team members and these kids are worshiping with passion – something I’ve wanted to see for a long time. Crazy amazing things are in store for Victory Youth.

There is a spirit of faith! People are realizing that God’s favor has dramatically increased. And we’re trusting God more and believing Him for greater things than we’ve ever seen.

I’m meeting so many new people every week. It’s exciting to see all of you so pumped about what God is doing in your lives and you’re telling others about it and they’re coming to check it out! Praise God – we’ve set both attendance and giving records this month and this is still summer (until after Labor Day). The two largest offerings we have ever received in Victory’s history have both come this month. God is overwhelming us with His provision!

And . . . thank the Lord for that provision because we’re about to do some expansion. All of our children’s ministries are full to capacity. We’ll be meeting this week to discuss enlarging into some other areas in our facility or in the mall to meet the growing demand. I was told this morning that we had to actually turn some children away because our rooms were full. We’re meeting this week to rectify this space problem and to make sure that doesn’t happen again. Praise God for these good kinds of problems!

Internal ministries are busting out all over and Scott Grafton is doing an amazing job building a winning team. We’re thankful to add Haley Vest as our new director of children’s ministries at Victory. She’s going to help us take kids ministry to a whole new level. We also welcome Chris and Amy Gossman – both worship leaders from a previous church in Iowa. They are working closely with Haley to build a children’s ministry worship team to provide children’s church with the best possible worship experience.

This is what happens when a church starts moving in unity! It’s a new day in Victory! Praise God!

So thankful for those who’ve made new commitments/Fresh Starts in Christ this month – that will never get old! And that is what all of this above is all about – meeting people where they are and bringing them into relationship with Jesus.

Don’t forget our “Raise the Roof” Praise Night and Ice Cream Fellowship next Sunday night, August 29th at 6p. Gonna get our praize on! We have SO much to thank Him for!

Love you so much church!

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