Sunday Night Praize!

July 19, 2010 — Leave a comment

* It’s a new day in Victory Church – we’ve been baptized in a servant
spirit. About 40 people have volunteered to help in our upcoming
VBS – unheard of! Thank God for willing hearts with servant’s attitudes.

* My long-time friend, Chip Buhler did a bang-up job teaching
Colossians 2 today – “Rooted in the Revelation of Christ.” Thank God
for true lasting friendships – Chip is one of them.

* Thankful for hungry hearts to build a foundation in their lives.
19 people in the Purple Book Group last week.

* We witnessed the true spirit of restoration in Kody and Whitney’s
testimony this morning in how God put their marriage back
together. We serve the “God of another chance!”

* Lives are being changed weekly – that never gets old. Over 25 Fresh
Starts last Sunday; 4 today. God is moving!

* So thankful for the indescribable presence of God in our worship. It
continues to increase and amaze me weekly.

* I have to pinch myself. What I’ve dreamed of and prayed for and stood in
faith for years has actually been happening for months now at Victory.

* The Lord continues to add talented, capable, skilled leaders with right hearts
and willing spirits. There is more true TEAM in Victory right now than
there ever has been in our history. God has delivered us from territorialism –
the spirit that says, “this is mine!” and a true spirit has been birthed that says
“this is God’s!” and I’m privileged to be a part!

* God shook us to change us so that He might fill us this last year. True
SHIFT has happened in Victory. This next year will be even more dramatic
as God shows up to say, “Now I can use you for my glory!” Hallelujah!

Open your eyes to see the King of Glory working in your life this week! Open
your mouth and tell others what He’s doing! Pray for God’s continuing and increasing FAVOR on Victory Church.  I want everyone to know how much I love each of you and all that God is doing in and through your lives.  Have a crazy amazing week!

Pastor Michael

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