Sunday Night Praize!

July 5, 2010 — 1 Comment

Paul wrote the epistle to the Colossians while in prison, yet he said over and over how THANKFUL he was for the work of God going on among the Colossian believers. No matter how difficult your circumstances, you can still CHOOSE to be thankful. Folks can tell the choice I’ve made by what comes out of my mouth. Let’s BE THANKFUL!

Worship was through the roof this morning! Thanks Holy Spirit and team!

7 Fresh Starts this morning – 1 new salvation, 6 in response to the Lordship of Christ over every area of their lives, 3 baptisms. Praise God!

There is a REVIVAL of servanthood in Victory! I’ve never seen so many people calling, emailing, coming forward and sharing with team leaders their desire to serve. May your tribe increase!

There honestly is a true spirit of TEAM that is developing and building among us. (This is not just hope so – I’m serious!) Nothing is impossible when people covenant to walk together in faith and in unity!

I can’t wait to see how God is going to “show out” in all of our lives this week! Expect it!

One response to Sunday Night Praize!


    It’s amazing what the Holy Spirit is doing at Victory…sometimes can’t believe we’re getting to experience this! Come on!

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