Sunday Night Praize!

June 21, 2010 — Leave a comment

“Giving thanks to the Father. . .” (Colossians 1:12)

So very thankful for all that the Lord is doing among us at Victory.

* It was a tremendous weekend with the best Ministry Team Meeting we
have ever had. People are stepping up to the plate and taking
responsibility to see that needed areas of service are covered. I have to
say how wonderful it is to do Kingdom work when we have a team of
leaders who all have hearts that want to, and abilities that can get the
job done with excellence and all of that with a right spirit and attitude.
With that combination, we really can take the Delta for Christ!

* The Presence of God in our services – can never get enough of that!

* “When you make the main thing the main thing, God takes care of all the
other things!” ~ from “The Principle of Importance” One Thing #3

* 8 Fresh Starts Sunday morning – that’s always a rush to see God working
in people’s lives.

* Thanks to Burney, Abbey and Scott – you nailed it on “Born Again”

* Thanks to all the various teams who come early and stay late to make
everything flow smoothly!

* Thanks to Michael Rushing for the new carpet in both nurseries.

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