Sunday Night Praize!

June 13, 2010 — Leave a comment

A few observations:

Today was our first day back after our vacation in Florida. It’s so great to be able to leave town for a few days and know that there are talented, capable people who love God with all their hearts back at home, who will do things with excellence and see to it that things get done. Thanks Alex for two great messages the last couple of weeks. Greg and the band – you guys are doing great! Thanks Jack Murphy for covering hospital visitation while I was away. Simona – you keep us all in line! Our team rocks!

There’s no place like home! Being away for a few days makes you appreciate all the wonderful things that are here when you get back! My own house, bed. More importantly than those, our church and the amazing people whom I love with all my heart!

4 Fresh Starts in Christ this morning! It’s always a rush to see hands going up to commit to Christ! May it only increase in Victory!

It’s not what you know. It’s WHO you know! (2 Timothy 1:12)
God’s not afraid to create a little mess to deal with yours. He’s provided everything so that your test can become your testimony!
– From today’s “One Thing” message

Thanks to the gracious listeners this morning. After driving in 15 hours yesterday, I’m surprised I could make a subject and a verb match – and yet the Spirit of God graciously blessed and moved the hearts of people. Praise God!

Don’t forget Purple Book Group tomorrow night in the Victory Cafe from 6-7p.

Have a blessed week!

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